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Imailer Cellophane Bags

Our Clear Ploy Bags are 100% new Oriented , see Through, odorless, clearer that is suitable for packaging and shipping all types of merchandise. Our clear resealable bags are 100% Food Grade Safe.

Imailer Zip Lock Bags

The Zip Bags are completely Airtight and Waterproof to suit various places of use, perfect for organizing, storing, keeping fresh and protecting your goods.

Why You Can Count on Us

Affordable Price

By directly from the factory to consumers, we deliver exceptional bags at the lowest prices.

Quality Assurance

With premium materials, we've got exactly what you're looking for. Satisfaction guaranteed at every point of your shopping experience.

Fast Delivery

Our bags go straight from our US/CA warehouse to your home or office — delivered in less than five business days in most cases!

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